It was the last thing on your mind. You were driving home from work like you do every day. You signaled to move into the exit lane. Suddenly there were tail lights. You hit the brakes and – BAM – you felt the impact of a car slamming into the back end of your vehicle.

In the days, weeks, and months following a car accident people can find themselves dealing with insurance companies, medical issues, car repairs, missed time from work, and a lot of disruption that they had not been planning on.

The New Jersey car accident attorneys at Deutchman & Drews understand the negative impact a car accident can have on every aspect of a person’s life. We provide a strong voice for the rights of our clients to help them recover for their losses and get through a very traumatic time.

The Frequency of Injuries From Car Accidents

Any time you drive a car you are at risk of getting into an accident. On average, a driver can expect to get in a car accident once every 18 years.

Many drivers on the roads these days are distracted, tired, in a hurry, lack patience, or are just plain careless. According to Driver Knowledge:

  • There are 6 million car accidents in the US annually.
  • At least 90 people die in car accidents every day.
  • Every year about 3 million people are injured in car accidents.
  • About 2 million people will have permanent injuries from car accidents.

Determining the Extent of Injuries After a Car Accident

Most people are in shock after getting in a car accident. If there isn’t a need for emergency medical care they may not realize immediately the extent of their injuries. It can take a day or two and sometimes longer for the body to begin to display symptoms of injury.

It’s important to be aware of the types of injuries that are common after car accidents and get evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible. Injuries that commonly occur in car accidents include:

  • Tissue Strain and Tearing – The force of impact can be very jarring on the body damaging soft tissues particularly involving the neck and spine.
  • Head Injuries – Hitting your head or experiencing violent motion causing your brain to hit the inside of your skull can result in traumatic brain injuries that can’t be seen but can get serious very quickly.
  • Neck and Back Injuries – The force of the crash can cause damage to the discs in the spinal column and sometimes to the spinal cord itself.
  • Broken Bones – Broken bones may not be visible.
  • Internal Bleeding – It can take anywhere from several hours to several days for the symptoms of internal bleeding to appear.
  • Mental and Emotional Injuries – Anxiety, trouble sleeping, mood fluctuations, and inability to concentrate are just a few of the types of psychological injuries that a person may experience after being in a car accident.

Dealing with Insurance Claims Adjusters

After being in a car accident people have to deal with their own insurance company and may need to deal with the insurance companies representing those who are at fault for the accident as well. If a person injured was on a work-related mission when the accident occurred, workers’ comp insurance may also be involved.

New Jersey is known as a ‘no fault’ insurance state which means that under most policies an injured person’s own auto insurance will provide coverage for medical treatment for the injuries sustained without regard to fault for the accident.

However insurance companies may not always be willing to pay for needed medical treatment.  The auto accident attorneys at Deutchman & Drews can help you navigate this sometimes difficult process.

Settling Your Car Accident Claim

Compensation may be recovered for economic damages (such as lost wages) and non-economic damages (pain & suffering, diminished quality of life). The right to recover non-economic damages is affected by a choice drivers must make when they purchase auto insurance.

Unlimited Right To Sue – A driver maintains the right to recover non-economic damages for any type of injury.

Limited Right To Sue – A driver can only recover non-economic damages for specific types of injuries.

  • Loss of a body part
  • Significant scarring or disfigurement
  • Displaced fractures
  • Loss of a fetus
  • Permanent injury
  • Death

Getting to a final settlement requires proving fault, establishing the nature and extent of injuries, and negotiating a reasonable amount of compensation for damages. It’s crucial to have competent legal representation to ensure the best results.

At Deutchman & Drews, LLC, our New Jersey car accident lawyers have successfully negotiated personal injury settlements on behalf of injured clients for over 20 years. Insurance companies know we come to the table fully prepared to get what we want. Call us at 732-828-1300 or visit our website to schedule a free consultation.