People get insurance so that they have protection available to help offset the cost of certain types of accidents. Many times people pay their premiums faithfully for years without ever having to make a claim. So on those rare occasions when someone needs to make an insurance claim you might expect that claims adjusters would be helpful and accommodating. Unfortunately, that may not always be the experience you have.

Insurance is in the business of paying for unexpected losses – but it is still a business. And the more that is paid out in claims, the less that is left to assure profitability. Almost every time someone makes a claim against an insurance company they are at a disadvantage if they don’t understand the business motivation of company representatives.

The certified civil trial attorneys at Deutchman & Drews have experience negotiating with insurance companies. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers make sure our clients are fairly compensated for their claims.

Insurance Companies Want to Limit Claims Payments

The insurance business model is having many people pay a little bit into a big pot and having more people pay in than take out. Insurance companies have expenses, have to keep a certain amount on hand to pay claims, and want to make a profit. So they don’t want to pay out more for claims than is absolutely necessary.

When a claim lands on an adjuster’s desk the goal is to address the claim and get it closed quickly and at as little cost as possible. That doesn’t mean that every insurance adjuster doesn’t sympathize with people who need to make claims. But it does mean they need to document where money is going and why.

In most cases, fault for causing an accident directly affects the amounts that must be paid. If you don’t know all of the legal factors that determine fault you may not realize how information you provide can damage your claim.

Being knowledgeable about the nature and extent of your injuries and what the value of those injuries are in a personal injury case is essential.  Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with and evaluating personal injury claims.

Insurance Companies May Discourage You From Hiring an Attorney

You shouldn’t rely on insurance company representatives – whether your own company or that of someone responsible for your injuries – to decide whether or not you should hire an attorney. It could be in the insurance company’s interests for you not to have legal representation.

What you should do is take advantage of a free consultation offered by the experienced personal injury attorneys at Deutchman & Drews.  Then you can know exactly what you are up against and decide if legal representation is right for you.

Call a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer First

There is really no good reason not to. At Deutchman & Drews you can meet at no cost with   a Civil Trial Attorney certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court. You can learn how the law applies to your specific circumstances and how the claims process is likely to work in your case. Once you more fully understand your rights and the options available you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

The personal injury lawyers at Deutchman & Drews have decades of experience counseling clients and helping them navigate the insurance claims process to get the maximum compensation they are entitled to.

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