When you have been injured in an accident and need to recover from the party responsible, your first thought may be that you probably need to get an attorney.

Trying to select an attorney who will do the best job for you can seem like a daunting task. When you do a Google search there may be hundreds of firms in your area to choose from. How do you decide who to call?

The New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Deutchman & Drews, LLC understand that the legal profession is like any other profession when it comes to competence and work ethic. There are those who are very good at what they do, and there are those you probably don’t want to work with.

To determine the law firm or attorney that is the best fit to handle your personal injury claim you need to do some research and make sure the lawyer you hire is qualified and in good standing and has adequate time to devote to your case.  The personal injury attorneys at Deutchman & Drews, LLC are always happy to provide a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Does the Attorney Have any Specific or Special Qualifications?

Laws and legal situations are becoming more and more complex. Lawyers who have continued to develop their knowledge are likely to be the most aware of current legal practices and procedures as well as changes in the law and developing legal trends.

In New Jersey, the Supreme Court offers certification for attorneys who meet their rigorous qualifying standards.

At Deutchman & Drews, LLC our attorneys are certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Certified Civil Trial Attorneys. To become certified an attorney must:

  • be a member in good standing with the New Jersey bar for at least 5 years
  • be current with continuing legal education requirements
  • have significant trial experience
  • receive favorable evaluations from judges and colleagues
  • pass a written examination

The certification program is designed to recognize lawyers who have achieved a high level of skill in a particular practice of law so that clients can be assured they are working with a competent professional. Only a very small percentage of New Jersey lawyers are certified.

At Deutchman & Drews, LLC, we believe in providing the highest quality legal services for our clients. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys are certified in civil trial law. We are also members of several local bar associations and serve as arbitrators through the Superior Court of New Jersey.

Will the Attorney be Handling Your Case Personally?

When you have been injured in an accident and you hire an attorney to handle your personal injury claim, you want to know that you are going to be working with and have access to that attorney. Sometimes, after an initial consultation with a client, an attorney will ‘hand off’ the client to a paralegal and rarely be available for client calls or meetings.

Deutchman & Drews, LLC, is different. When you work with us you have the complete attention of one of our certified partners every step of the way. We are always more than happy to personally address your questions or concerns. Our goal is for you to have a successful and satisfying experience working with our firm.

Has the Attorney Achieved Successful Outcomes in Similar Cases?

The best way to learn about the experiences of other clients is by reviewing client testimonials. Clients with issues similar to yours who report positive experiences will give you insight and can help you determine if a particular law firm is a good fit for your needs.

Is the Attorney in Good Standing with the State Bar Association?

State bar associations make certain information about their members available to the public. In New Jersey, you can verify that the lawyer you are considering working with is a member of the bar, how long they have been practicing in the state, whether they are a member in good standing, and if they are certified in an area of practice.

At Deutchman & Drews, LLC, we want you to be confident that when you hire us you are getting a legal team dedicated to your needs with the knowledge, experience, and tenacity to get you the best results.

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